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Friends, first and foremost.. please know one thing about me:

I am a Republican.


Why do I say that? Because I have seen many Republicans put labels on each other that I think are detrimental to our party and to the well-being of our membership. So please, as you read this, I ask you to put other labels aside and see how my ideas might resonate with you as simply being a Republican. 

I support the caucus/convention system 100%. As a Legislative Chair, I worked with the officers of 24 precincts to successfully plan and organize the 2018 caucus meetings. It was wonderful to see citizen Republicans come out and engage with their neighbors to elect convention delegates and precinct officers.  
More than ever we Republicans need to come together and focus on moving the party forward. I strongly believe that this is an opportunity for collaborative communication within our party.  I don't pretend to have all the answers to difficult questions and issues, but I do know that each member of our party should be valued, respected and given the opportunity to be heard. To that end, my objective in leading the DCRP would be to preside over meetings as a fair and reasonable chair.   
I do know one thing for certain: I am excited for our future. I am the eternal optimist who believes what the "Great Communicator" President Ronald Reagan so eloquently said: 
Join me as we embark on this new journey together! I ask for your support and vote on April 13th at the Davis County Republican Party Organizing Convention.

"The time is now, my fellow Americans to recapture our destiny, to take it into our own hands."

Ronald Reagan Republican National Convention Acceptance Speech, July 17, 1980

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